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Minna Zhu

7 April 2023

Do you want to pay less tax? Ask us how


Planning to grow your business? We believe the power of tax planning and preparation can empower owners to get the most out of their business. Let’s look at why tax planning is crucial..

Why is tax planning crucial for me?

1. Tax savings

Receive back a substantial amount of tax savings within my family group.

2. Prevent unpleasant surprises

The last thing you need is any surprised in your tax bill. We can help you make sure this does not happen.

3. Deductions

Do you need the most out of your expense deductions? Are you unsure what you can and cannot claim? Our experienced accountants can help maximise your deductions.

4. Tax Concessions

Take advantage of my potential tax concessions.

5. Superannuation

Maximise the tax effectiveness of my super contributions.

6. Tax Owed

How much tax to pay and when it should be paid.

7. Business Review

Review business structure for the best tax position and asset protection.

8. Federal Budget

Identify how your business can benefit from any measures in each Federal Budget

9. Unexpected Tax Consequences

Ensure Division 7A loan minimum repayments to be made to avoid any potential and unexpected tax consequences

10. Rewarding Owners

Work out the best way to reward owners (i.e. wages, director fees, dividends or profit distributions).

Our tax planning process is designed to identify the best tax planning strategies to suit your circumstances. Contact us to schedule a Tax Planning Session for your business today.


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