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Set a Strategic Road Map

Begin with the end in mind. A business exit strategy plays a key role in determining the strategic direction of your business.

Increase Business Value

Defining and executing strategies to achieve an exit strategy will increase the overall value of your business.

Sale and Investment Ready

When an investment or sale opportunity presents itself, your business should be ready to maximise the opportunity.

Choose an exit strategy that aligns with your business and personal goals

Business Exit Goals

Business improvement strategies to achieve your exit plan

Our team starts with an in-depth internal review of your business and analysis of external market forces. We then meet to discuss strategies for achieving your exit from the business. This process also aims to ensure your business is sale and investment ready in case the opportunity arises.

Systems Review

Systems and Processes

Document and modernise your systems and processes, with the aim of achieving operational efficiencies.

organisational structure

Organisational Structure

Compare the organisational structure to the exit strategy, to identify resourcing gaps and make recommendations.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

Using accurate, up-to-date financial reports to analyse business performance compared to KPIs, profitability and growth targets.


Brand Positioning

Review the business and marketing plan and the strength of the business brand in the context of your external market.

Corporate Restructure

Corporate Restructure

Restructuring the company for Management Buyout or Initial Public Offering. We can also help establish a Board of Directors.

High growth strategies

High Growth Strategies

Regardless of your business exit plan, our high growth strategies will increase turnover, improve profitability and stabilise cashflow.

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