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Accounting solutions for SaaS businessess

Having worked with more than 100 SaaS and tech businesses for over ten years, including clients who are rapidly growing global players in their industries, our team members are specifically trained with the skills to grow SaaS businesses and have the experience to understand what does and doesn’t work in this industry.

Solutions for SaaS businesses at any stage of growth

SaaS businesses have different needs at different stages of growth. Pick and choose from the following to suit the needs of your business, and we’ll build a tailored accounting solution to fit.


I’m in the startup stage

Accounting Solutions for the Start-Up Phase

If you are a young entrepreneur who is developing an app but cannot find an accountant who understands you or is passionate to work with you, we are the perfect place for you to start.


Business structure

Business Structure Setup

Set up the best business structure to maximise tax benefits, optimise asset protection, increase funding flexibility and prepare for growth.

Xero Setup and Training

Xero Setup and Training

Set up Xero file with automated bank feeds, chart of accounts and GST codes and provide customised training.


BAS Preparation

Review and check GST coding for all your business accounts and prepare and lodge your BAS.

Tax Returns

Tax Return and Statements

Prepare and lodge your Business Tax Return and Annual Financial Statements.

Capital Raising

Capital Raising and Due Diligence

Assist with raising capital, provide advice on funding options and prepare Due Diligence documents for investors.


Employee Share Scheme (ESS) Advice

Tax advice about how to best structure Employee Share Schemes including share and option plans.

Early-Stage Innovation

Early-Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) Advice

Advice on tax incentive eligibility for investment in a qualifying early-stage innovation company.

Accounting Support

General Accounting Support

Ongoing accounting advice plus phone and email support from our friendly and dedicated team.

I’m in the growth stage

Accounting Solutions for the Growth or Expansion Phase

If you are a more established SaaS provider who has or is about to commercialise your product, we can show you how we have helped other SaaS clients to succeed with our full accounting, tax and business solutions.


Monthly or Quarterly CFO Meetings

Meet with you regularly to review your financials and overall performance.


Cashflow and Budget

Prepare an annual budget and give you tools to manage and forecast your cashflow.


Business Restructuring

Review of your current business and shareholding structure so it accommodates the growth need of the business.

R&D tax incentive

R&D Tax Incentive Application

Advice and application of Research & Development tax incentives for your business.

R&D funding

R&D Funding

Finding and negotiating with R&D lenders so you can borrow against any future R&D tax refund at reasonable rates when needed.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Advise you on strategies that will optimise the tax position for the business and shareholders.

International Tax Strategies

International Tax Strategies

Tax optimisation strategies, transfer pricing and advice for SaaS businesses with global markets.

Pricing Models

Pricing Models

Price modelling to deliver greater profitability and optimise revenue growth nationally and internationally.

High growth strategies

High Growth Strategies

Financial strategies for SaaS businesses focused on achieving rapid and sustainable growth.

Export Grant Application

Export Grant Application

Application for Export Market Development Grants (Australian Government funded) to help your expansion to overseas markets.

Capital Raising

Capital Raising and Due Diligence

Assist with series A, B, and C funding and connect you with Venture Capital Firms and Family Offices. Help you to build your data-room as you go.

I’m in the mature stage

Accounting Solutions for the Mature or Exit Phase

Now you have built a business which is performing strongly and are ready to start the next chapter of your life. We can help you to maximise the value of your business and achieve optimal tax outcomes for your business succession.

Business Valuations

Business Valuation

A comprehensive assessment of the business risk factors, profitability and future cashflow to provide indication of its fair value.


Value Gap Analysis

Identify the current value of the business and the target value for you to exit and implement strategies to close the gap.


Capital Gains Tax Advice

Proactively plan and provide CGT advice on transfer or issue of shares and the sale of your business and how to get access to tax concessions.

Exit Strategy

Exit Strategies

Implementation of systems, procedures and processes to ensure your business is sale and investment ready.

Sale Ready

Preparing your Business for Sale

Structure the sale process and prepare the information memorandum, approach buyers, assist meetings, offers and negotiations, finalise offers and letter of intent.

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